HADIE – High Altitude Digital Imaging Experiment

  • Primarily a backup beacon for the payload, this module will transmit the position and altitude reported by the on-board GPS receiver in the same way as the main payload but on a second channel.
  • It also carries a small camera with the goal of transmitting images digitally to the ground during the flight.

This module is being built by Philip Heron.

The Bits

  • ATmega644P microcontroller clocked at 7.3728MHz
  • NTX2 radio module @ 434.075MHz
  • C328-7640 JPEG Camera Module

The Flight

ProjectCirrus launched on the 16th April 2010, reaching over 30km altitude. The HADIE module and camera worked throughout the flight, transmitting the position and image data until the harder than expected landing destroyed the board. The little 10mw signal was picked up as far away as Yarm, 366km to the east.

Due to the way the payload was spinning about 5% of image data was lost, unfortunately this resulted in most of the images being lost or incomplete. The fragments we did get back give a tantalising glimpse of the view it had up there.

HADIE module after landing


One Response to HADIE

  1. How can we make one for our balloon flights? I teach at a middle school in Ridgeland, MS. We launched our first balloon last year.
    Bill Richardson
    ps… see some of our pics at http://www.tinyurl.com/otmsradio

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