Ground Photos

Just a few of photos of the behind the scenes work….

Pete in disbelief that we actually found it!

The aftermath of a somewhat less than gentle landing…

The remains of the balloon showed how it elegantly exploded into into a million pieces and dispersed harmlessly into the atmosphere… yeah right. That tangled mess doubled our payloads weight and made the descent somewhat exciting….. I don’t think it hit the ground hard, but that Pda in the picture was wedged into the guts of that payload which was fully duct taped.


Jnap resorting to somewhat unorthodox methods to see the live picture feed.


A somewhat improvised Yagi mount by Phil Heron….. Did the trick though, 300 baud no problem at 20 miles up!


Cape Canaveral Northern Ireland style, note the fully Health and Safety Executive approved method for transporting Helium Cylinders on a trailer… well it was better than sitting with them on our knees I suppose.


Cambridge’s radio being used to its maximum potential, a brilliant radio considering its age. It beats the scanner we were going to use! I shudder to think of what a Morse code system would have been like to track…


Dismantling the filler system before the chase began, note the pvc balloon filler….. fully gas proofed with duct tape, in any case it did the job.


Away she goes… the reason that the silver radar reflector is above the parachute is because it has such low weight…. It almost floats when dropped.




One Response to Ground Photos

  1. Terry says:

    Very cool guys, good job in photos .

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