The balloon flight went really well and almost everything went according to plan except for unfortunately an early power failure to the main camera in the payload. We were hoping that the Lithium batteries would be able to withstand the extremely low temperatures but the conditions actually drained the power a lot sooner than expected. So basically we do have some nice photos part of the way up but we missed out on having 5MP photos from it’s maximum altitude of 101,600 ft!

The HADIE payload however had a separate power source which did thankfully withstand the very low temperatures and so some of the photos from its camera were partially transmitted back to earth (due to signal interference during the flight some of the photos’ data was unfortunately lost). Please still do check out the images that were received though because they give a really nice glimpse of what the view was actually like from the higher altitudes.

For some of the photos of the balloon launch and ground work, please click on the following link: Ground Photos


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