Any questions specific to our project will be answered here.

For more general questions on the topic of high altitude ballooning in the UK though the UKHAS site is an excellent resource!



4 Responses to FAQs

  1. Chris VanHorn says:


    I am working on a similar project. I’m using a Coridium ARM controller instead of a PICAXE. But I have a few PIXAXEs laying around. Would you mind sharing your camera code with me? I’m having issues getting it to work myself and I’d like to test it on a PICAXE to make sure it’s not a dud.


    – Chris

    • No problem, I’m assuming you are talking about the uart jpeg camera which was actually a separate module (see payload/hadie). I’ll get Phil to upload the code to that page soon. Feel free to use the E-mail with any other queries you have.

  2. phil says:

    Hi Chris,

    I’m currently writing the code for the next flight, and it’s being hosted on a public git repository. It doesn’t have the image code just yet but I should get to that within the next week or so.


    • Chris says:

      Hi Phil,

      Thanks. I managed to get my camera working. We had a mildly successful launch today. The balloon burst at about 12km up, but it was supposed to reach 33km. But the balloons were about 15 years old and past their prime. Then the parachute didn’t open all the way so the thing landed in the middle of a golf course fairway. We got it back and got some great photos from a 5MP Canon camera we had on board. We had some communications issues so I don’t have many pictures from the tiny serial camera. But we’re prepping for our next launch. Good luck to you guys!

      – Chris

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