About Us

Project Cirrus is a Northern Ireland based High altitude Balloon project. In a nutshell we hope to launch a balloon into “near space” to approximately 20 miles altitude with a camera on it and then recover the payload. We hope to launch in April later this year (2010)!

Take a look at the “How it all works” page to get an idea of how we intend to do it.

The project team consists of two mechanical engineering students from Queens University Belfast, Johnathan Clarke and Peter Hanson. To help develop a number of the backup components in the payload a couple of pupils from Regent House School in Newtownards were employed to take on the task.

The team is also working in cooperation with Philip Heron, who hopes to send an add on module with our main payload to provide redundancy and add a downwards looking camera.

The UK High Altitude Association has also been a great source of help and advice. http://ukhas.org.uk/


2 Responses to About Us

  1. balloonnews says:

    What brand of strobe did you use? I want to use one of these but weight is a problem as most take large D or C class batteries.

    Also I’ve had a look at the project and it looks great. Regards Chris from balloonnews.wordpress.com

    • We found that strobes already in a neat package tended to be too heavy for us or very weak… some using a single red LED.
      We ended up using stripping down a life jacket strobe which uses 2 AA cells. We gave it a feed from the main pack to avoid extra weight. We also used a timer circuit to ensure it did not come on until the balloon had been predicted to hit the ground in case of telemetry interference. The strobe we dismantled was very similar to the one shown here.
      The xenon strobe unit is a stand alone “bulb type” insert and it was just a case of providing it with 3V from the switch gear.

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